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Prioticket gives you the opportunity to buy tickets for museums, attractions, activities and more.



Take the experience of your guests beyond the hotel. Provide your guests with tickets to the city's must-sees, as well as small, unknown museums. Give your guests the best city experience. Prioticket allows you to book tickets for activities in your area. With live availability, up-to-date content and prices, you can always provide your guests with the correct information and give them tickets immediately. Connect Prioticket with MEWS and find MEWS as the payment option on your personal Prioticket platform. Book the total amount directly on the guest's profile and let them pay during check-out. With the free-to-use platform, you are not tied to monthly costs. The to be received commission, which varies by product, gives you the opportunity to generate a new source of income. Supported features: -Search for museums & activities in your area. -See immediately the availability and up-to-date price. -Book tickets and charge the amount to your guest's room. -Provide the guest with tickets.

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