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Why SHR Customer Relationship Management.


While other CRM systems only see limited information from third-party providers’ systems, SHR Customer Relationship Management helps you know, recognize, and reward your best guests—no matter how they booked. Hoteliers using SHR Customer Relationship Management know their OTA customers the same way they know their direct customers.

The robust, powerful guest management software gathers all guests’ profile data from the SHR Central Reservation System and aggregates it. It matches and cleanses profiles and creates microsegments that optimize recommendations for guest communication. SHR Customer Relationship Management also provides a built-in, easy-to-use, integrated marketing program for email and text message marketing and campaign management.


Profile Management includes cleansing data and consolidating guest profile data from all connected systems, which provides a comprehensive view of guests and their habits and behaviour. Users can define standard fields, profile matches, and merge criteria.

Loyalty/Rewards Program platform is flexible and customizable, so hoteliers can set up how guests earn and spend loyalty credit.

Guest Management System - SHR Hotel CRM Seamless System Integration with SHR CRS, SHR RMS, SHR IBE, and a built-in Campaign Management Platform means users can segment guests in a variety of ways. It allows for automated marketing, loyalty, and transactional-based communication with guests.

SHR Customer Relationship Management can integrate with external third-party systems such as PMS, Gift Card Providers, and reviews The system integrates with Tango Card to issue gift cards Campaign Management Platform Using Email and SMS lets hoteliers easily select an audience from a CRM profile, use dynamic content, and set up and schedule marketing campaigns. It is straightforward to communicate with loyalty members and other guests based on behaviors or a specific activity, create loyalty-related campaigns for rewards or membership groups, and customize transactional communications.

Guest Portal is customizable and branded and lets both loyalty and non-loyalty guests sign in and save their information for easier booking. Users can maintain their profile data, update their passwords, and manage and track their accounts and programs.

Surveys & Questionnaires are easy, and their responses are associated with a guest profile, recorded, and analyzed.

Reporting is built-in and standard for both loyalty and other on-property CRM guests.

Email Marketing includes a built-in editor for powerful marketing campaigns. Users can manage templates and design elements to create targeted lists, personalize emails, and schedule and manage bulk email sending. SHR Customer Relationship Management lets hoteliers automate emails based on events, online activities, and lead scores. The system also ensures in-box delivery and handles opt-ins, bounces, unsubscribe requests, suppression lists, email previews, spam checking, and link validation.

Online Marketing features include customizable emails, forms, and landing pages for specific segments, as well as A/B testing and mobile optimization.



  • Profile Management
  • Loyalty/Rewards Program
  • Campaign Management
  • Guest Portal
  • Surveys and Questionnaires
  • Reporting
  • Email Marketing

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