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SHR Revenue Management SystemOffering the best of AI with a human touch.


SHR Revenue Management System allows today’s Revenue Managers to break free from having to solely trust the ‘black box’ they are normally bound to by other revenue management systems and start enjoying ease and control not currently found in most of today’s RMSs.Experience the freedom to simplify or scale your rate management with flexible solutions tailored to empower you to customize your strategy.

Offering the best of AI with a human touch, SHR RMS lets today’s Revenue Managers break free from having to solely trust the ‘black box’ they are normally bound to by other revenue management systems.

With its unique Strategy Builder tool, SHR RMS brings revenue managers AI models that can be adjusted to fit your hotel’s particular strategy while allowing for more transparency in pricing recommendations—so you can get back to running your hotel.


  • SHR RMS AlgorithmsProvide automated forecast demand using non-linear calculations for price elasticityProduce highly-accurate forecasting and pricing recommendations through to ‘day to arrival’
  • Use AI-powered number crunching, providing more and better calculations than manual RMS processes
  • Strategy Builder: includes an override feature for hoteliers to stay in control of their strategy
  • Allows hoteliers to set various controls/limits on rate metrics. With this unique functionality, revenue managers can take control of optimizing their strategy
  • Allows some customization by combining your property’s best strategy with the power of AI pricing
  • Enhanced Reporting puts the right data at your fingertips in one click, in one report, eliminating the need to export multiple sets of data
  • Reports can be set from manual to automated when needed, providing quicker insights. Choices include pace and pick-up reports that drill down to rate code levels
  • Group Displacement: for example, if F&B is bringing in a large amount of money, the group displacement feature will recommend rates that will take that into consideration