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U-Stay by FRIVA allows to automatically extract the registration data from MEWS and to transfer it to the local police authorities.


Our goal is to support our customers in their challenging everyday lives. We ourselves come from the hotel industry and know only too well, how time-consuming routine tasks are. The less you and your staff have to do, the more time you have for personal contact with your guests.

Our solution, “U-Stay by FRIVA”:

  • automates the data retrieval and preparation for the U-Stay data import (Schaffhauser and Kanton Aargau)
  • provides and transmits the required data to the local police authorities
  • automatically repeats information such as the guest address to accompanying guests
  • gives easily understandable feedback in case of import errors that are caused by missing or incorrect guest data
  • allows data correction in case of errors by multiple transmissions, as required by the hotel


By installing our app, you connect your MEWS PMS to our guest registration platform. In order to start the daily U-Stay import, please [request a quote](https://share-eu1.hsforms.com/1LFivGcBIR2aZLp9FXDOv9Qf9k1e) or [book a meeting](https://meetings-eu1.hubspot.com/sfrech/friva-gmbh) with us. We are happy to assist you during the whole process!


We provide our solution as a easy-to-use service, that can quickly be connected and canceled at any time. Our service consists of:

  • a one-time activation fee of EUR 750,00
  • a recurring usage fee of EUR 0,90 per room and month