H-benchmark is a data intelligence platform, which can be used to analyze and compare your property performance against a competitive set of your choice. We offer a wide number of KPIs in order to bring your analysis to the deepest level, but our main point of strength is that we are integrated directly with a lot of property management systems, giving us the ability to deal with real data, and not only the one coming from OTAs or other partial sources.

At H-benchmark we strongly believe that the best strategy is awareness, and that knowing your surroundings is the only way to make the best decision. Nonetheless, we also believe in data security and protection. Your competitors' data will always be aggregated in a cluster of at least 5 hotels, so it is never possible to see another single property data. This also means that your data will never be directly available to other properties.

Our solution is completely cloud based, with almost no technical efforts or complex installation procedures.

  • Analyze your performance
  • Compare them with your competitors
  • Perform business intelligence analytics, like Same-point-in-time or Pressure Calendars
  • View deep analysis on cancelled bookings, and perform predictions on them


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