The Hospitality Intranet System is the ideal digital platform which aims to offer you the best of breed facility module(s), to smoothly run internal operational processes.

HosIntra helps directors, supervisors and various teams to get a better insight, overview and control of the operational work status through a flexible well secured digital system that is very easy to use for everyone who works with it. Every day our IT-team develop more improved functionality, to make your daily work life easier and bring more effectiveness, efficiency, better internal communication into your hotel(s). You choose which module(s) suits your needs, for the best price you can find.

For each hospitality company, we offer the following modules:

- Free dashboard
- Advanced Housekeeping
- Maintenance service
- Preventive maintenance calendar
- Checklists
- Shift reports
- Lost & found
- Agreements
- Manuals / Knowledge base

And in short-term more handy modules will be introduced.

We cooperate with various other great vendors to integrate your requested services through savvy technology, and reduce workload, reduce paper usage and in example, avoid re-typing (errors).

Don’t hesitate to ask for a demo or get introduced you to one of our happy customers.

  • Overview of arrival and arrived reservations
  • Overview of overstay reservations
  • Overview of departure and departed reservations
  • Overview of spaces and spaces types
  • Overview of spaces states
  • Functionality to change the state of a space


You need to have a contract with this integration partner before you connect this integration to your Mews account.

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